winter cats

On Jan. 27th we had an unusual opportunity to harvest a game animal that we don’t see very often, Bobcats as in 2 of them. We had an outdoor show on Saturday where we offered many activities for outdoors men and women to participate in and one of those was a 3D course at my hunting property. On Sunday afternoon when we went to pick up the 3D targets Tom invited his neighbor to go with him so he could shoot the course before we picked it up, so he threw in his shotgun along with his bow incase he had an opportunity at a crow or one of my pesky porqupines. As luck would have it the crows were not anywhere around so they switched the calling to a wounded rabbit and within seconds these 2 bobcats came running in and he got both with 1 shot at 23 yards. I think the turkeys will sleep a little easier tonight.

  We are getting geared up for spring turkey hunting here in Nebraska and look forward to returning hunters and also some new ones as well. We don’t really like hunting turkeys in the rain but I would do it every day if we could get rain to help ease the drought conditions here in Nebraska. 

   Good Hunting