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“One evening of my hunt I had 5 does in front of me and 2 deer were approaching from behind me just before dark. I couldn’t turn to look at the 2 deer for fear of alerting the does in front of me. I have to admit that my heart was beating pretty hard from the excitement and anticipation. The 2 deer eventually came out, they were both bucks. One was a big brute that offered no shot. Thats the kind of experience that makes hunting so exciting for me.”

-Steve, Minnesota

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Whitetail Deer Hunts - Bow Only

At Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters, they offer BOW ONLY hunts for great Whitetail Trophy Bucks in the range of 140 to 160. The whitetail hunts take place on the south channel of the Platte River in Maxwell, Nebraska. This river bottom ground has very thick cover with water running through its entire length and food plots placed throughout for great hunting success. 

Your experience with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters will begin with information surrounding local perspective, scouting, and land boundaries. Prior to your arrival tree stands will be erected in the most high-traffic areas; extensive preparation is done to give you the best possible opportunity at harvesting a buck.

This area is managed for opportunities at big deer. Riverbottom Outfitters do not allow any rifle hunts as those 9 days fall during the peak of the rut; this gives the bucks more of an opportunity to grow up and grow horns.

Tobey’s properties and the surrounding areas have not been over hunted for years, which results in a lot of mature deer to hunt now and in the future and provides the Outfitters with high success rates. This thick river bottom is surrounded by corn, alfalfa, and soybeans.

This is truly a whitetail paradise where you never know when that buck of a lifetime with that large rack will step out and make your day. Many of the locals say these are the best hunting spots in Lincoln County. They have multiple stand sites to choose from each day because they only take 2 hunters at one time. They also like to give the properties a rest between hunts so the deer don’t get over pressured. Openings are limited so book now to reserve your spot.

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