What their hunter's have to say about them...

3 bleats and the buck headed my way……..

I hunted with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters November 2012. The first day my friend Ronnie and I hunted, we had bucks chasing does, everywhere. I had many encounters with deer throughout my hunt. On one cold morning, I had a feeling in my stomach that something was going to happen, so I mentally prepared for an impending shot. For some reason my mind kept telling me to look north across the creek. The next thing I knew, a big racked buck was heading my way. I drew back and prepared to slip an arrow throught a couple of trees, but the buck veered up a hill and headed away from me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my doe in heat bleat. Three bleats and the buck headed my way. He stopped at the edge of the creek, where I made a 23 yard shot. The following day, I shot a nice doe. Buck to doe ratios were good. Big buck potential is always present. One morning, Russ’ neighbor shot a giant 16 point buck, only a short distance from where I was set up. It will score north of 180″………Russ took very good care of myself and Ronnie. He was always more than willing to go the extra mile to make our hunt a success. If you are interested in turkey hunting, Russ’ poperty is ideal.

~Jeff, Minnesota

Huntin' Whitetails on the Riverbottom

Dear Russ and Rhonda, Thank you for the great weekend huntin whitetails on the riverbottom! That was the best guided unguided trip we’ve ever been on.

~Steve, Colorado

I think my dad said it all :) Thanks!
~Allie, Colorado

What a trip!

What a time! Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters is top notch. Turkeys galore. Beautiful country and great hospitality. Will be back with my daughter Avery for her first turkey hunt in the near future. Wish I had more time to visit North Platte. Truely remarkable hunt and place to visit.

~Shawn, New York

Great first time experience!

Hello Russ, I wanted to tell you again what a great time I had on the turkey hunt this past week. Both days were outstanding but my favorite was the first day. Watching the turkeys fly down from the trees and start moving our way was exciting. What a great first time experience. Thanks again Russ and I hope to see you next year. Same time, same place.  P.S. I’ll bring a turkey choke next time.

~ Steve, Alaska

A Hunt I’ll Never Forget

“I was hunting with the Riverbottom Outfitters for turkey in a beautiful spot. As the sun rose we could hear a bunch of Toms gobbling right behind us in the trees. It was a perfect set-up. We called them in once they had gotten out of their roost. It was so exciting as a couple of hens walked up behind us and out in to the field in front of us. Then four Toms came right out of the trees. They were following about five minutes behind the hens. They went straight for the decoys. It was so exciting as they came in to the decoy. They were all very nice looking Toms. I shot one and the others just stayed around for another ten minutes. That was a hunt I’ll never forget!”

-Caleb, Nebraska

Quality Deer, Testimonial from a Local

“I am a local deer hunter that has hunted whitetail deer in the Maxwell area for 18 years. The deer numbers and quality in the stretch of river that Russ and I hunt are amazing. You will notice by the pictures that there are big deer in this area, and to top that we have yet to get an arrow in the biggest deer that we have seen on the property.”

-Terry, Nebraska

Amazing Turkey Hunt Property

“Russ has put alot of work into his hunting property and it definitely pays off when you get a chance to hunt there. The property is amazing and I shot my first turkey there with my bow. I would highly recommend Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters to anyone.”
-Gerry, Nebraska

Great Deer Hunt Experience

“One evening of my hunt I had 5 does in front of me and 2 deer were approaching from behind me just before dark. I couldn’t turn to look at the 2 deer for fear of alerting the does in front of me. I have to admit that my heart was beating pretty hard from the excitement and anticipation. The 2 deer eventually came out, they were both bucks. One was a big brute that offered no shot. Thats the kind of experience that makes hunting so exciting for me.”

-Steve, Minnesota