Spring Turkey Hunting in Nebraska

      Its spring in Nebraska and that means Turkey hunting at Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters where we get on Big Toms and call them in for you to harvest. We have good numbers again this year and I see no reason that we won’t do as well as in years past. Due to some conflicts in work schedules I have had 2 groups have to postpone their hunt until next year which means I have  some openings for you to get in on some of the best turkey hunting in the country here in the heart of Nebraska.

    Check out some of the pictures on my facebook page from last years hunts. We have been able to get every hunter we have taken their birds every year except for last year when we had one hunter not take a bird, that was the first time ever and he deferred  the best shots to his grandson so over all it was a success because the young man did take a bird.

  You may notice by looking at the pictures of the turkeys taken that we have 2 different color phases of birds here in our neck of the country. We have merriams and a hybrid bird that is a cross between the Merriam and Rio Grande. That means we have birds with the white band on their tail fan and also a buff color so you have opportunity to take either color on your hunt.

  You archers out there need to give me a call because I have taken several archers on turkey hunts and we have always gotten them their birds. I do all the work such as setting up blinds and calling the birds, all you have to do once you get here is hit the mark or better yet the Tom.

   I would charge $600 for archers for the first bird and $200 for the second if you want the second.

out of state permits are $95 and they can be bought on line when you get here, that makes it very easy to hunt Nebraska Turkeys with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters.