Lodging Arrangements

While you are hunting with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters you can stay in North Platte, Nebraska, a quiet town of 26,000 people where there are many accommodations including restaurant choices that range from fast food chains to fine steak houses, conveniences and stores, and lots of Old West History. These are semi-guided hunts, we do not provide lodging or transportation.

However, for the turkey hunts, you will be picked up every morning at your hotel room and take a 15 minute drive to your hunting spot. From that point, Riverbottom Outfitters will work with you as to the schedule you want to keep each day.

For deer hunts, transportation must be arranged by the hunters, it is not provided in our deer hunting package.

Local Airport Available!

Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters’ location is very convenient, you can fly into the local airport via Great Lakes Airlines and they can come pick you up at the North Platte airport. They are also located right in between Denver, Colorado and Omaha, Nebraska so you could fly into either one of those airports and rent a car to travel the rest of the distance to North Platte.

It’s your choice how and where you travel, the Riverbottom Outfitters just look forward to having you visit them and hunt Nebraska’s fine game animals on their properties.