A Quality, Family Owned Outfitting Business

Russ Rhonda.jpgRhonda and Russ Tobey have a vested interest in their hunting business near Maxwell, Nebraska. They have lived and worked in this area for 45 years. They run the outfitting business, guide the hunts, own most of the properties hunted on, and they have a good relationship with the neighbors and intend to keep it that way.

For these reasons Tobey’s don’t over hunt or overpressure their game. They put a lot of work into improving the habitat, planting food plots, mast producing trees, and hanging tree stands. Russ himself is a bow hunter, so the stands are placed accordingly and accurately.

Hunting with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters is like having your own hunting preserve without any of the work. They don’t run a bunch of hunters through each season because they are hunters too and don’t want to ruin their availability for future seasons. Give them a try, you will be very pleased with the hunt quality and the personal service you get at Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters.

The whitetail deer hunts (bow only) take place on the south channel of the Platte River in Maxwell, Nebraska. Spring turkey hunts are available for Rio-Grandees and Merriam’s, and they offer river bottom hunts or more open canyon land to challenge your hunting skills.

Come enjoy a part of God’s creation with Tobey’s Riverbottom Outfitters!