2015 Spring Turkey Season

     We have come to the close of our 2015 Spring Turkey season. It has been a successful one with great memories and some very difficult weather at times. We didn’t take as many hunters this year due to some work conflicts with some clients but none the less it was fun. The first hunter, first morning was done at 6:55 with a double right out of the gate. Another interesting story for the year was the fact that I bought a new DSD half strut jake to go with my avion X hen decoy and they were a killer combination. There was a couple times that I wanted to let the Tom come closer and attack the decoy and my hunter would say, “I don’t want it any closer” followed by BOOM, big bird down.

  Then I had my good friends, Steve and Allie come with their archery equipment to harvest a Nebraska Turkey and wouldn’t you know it, It rained HARD both days. WE did manage to get them both birds regardless of the weather. Allie took a 24lb bird with 1 1/4 spurs in a driving rain the first evening, Dad could have taken one too but that is an inside story:) The next evening Steve took a beautiful Tom at 8 yards with the sun shining on it to finish up their hunt.

    Then to end the season with clients we had Mike who is an awesome shooter. Mike is a repeat client that is a real joy to hunt with and as you might guess he doesn’t miss. We were concerned with the weather but at sun up the rain had stopped and we were set up for the morning hunt at a new spot that I had not hunted before. My scouting paid off as we set in the blind listening to birds that we thought were going behind us when all of a sudden with some soft calling and the DSD decoy doing its job we had the whole flock heading our way. He picked out the mature Tom and BOOM, Bird down. We picked up moved to the next spot, put on the sneak but the birds had moved on out into the field and out of range, no problem. We packed up went to the next property, spotted some birds, put on a stalk and took a nice mature Gobbler with no calling at all just the old stealth mode. We had Mike done the first morning by 9:20am the first morning and on his way home before noon.

  We were host to 12 hunters this year with 2 first time turkey hunters and we harvested 20 Big Nebraska Gobblers. There are many more stories and memories that were made this year that I didn’t take time to share here but you get the picture. We have a good time, we host only a few hunters each year so the birds are not pressured and our chances of them coming to a call are as great the last weekend as they are the first.

  The last memory to make this year is for me to get out and harvest a beautiful Nebraska Gobbler for my self Thanks to all our clients and friends for making this turkey season fun and successful